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Camper Code of Conduct

As a means of maintaining a high-quality learning environment, all children are required to sign the Summer Day Camp Code of Conduct. This outlines briefly the expectations held of all children who are a part of the program. We ask that parents and guardians read through this with their child in order to prepare them for their time at camp. Any failure to follow the Code of Conduct will result in an appropriate consequence, for example a warning, time out, sitting out of an activity or writing an apology letter. More serious misdemeanors would warrant a call to parents, meeting with the camp director or possible suspension from the program. In this event there would be no refund of the camper’s fees for that week. In the Code of Conduct, campers will agree to:

• Listen to instructions from my leader and follow directions the first time.

• Speak politely to others and use my manners.

• Be responsible for my belongings.

• Use Day Camp facilities and equipment in a safe way and tidy up supplies I use.

• Never use my body or words in a way that might be harmful or hurtful towards myself or others.

• Stay with my group and try my best in our activities.

• Sit sensibly on buses and walk safely on excursions.

• Accept consequences (time out, call to parent, suspension from camp etc.) if I choose notto follow camp rules.

Camp Policies

Summer Day Camp runs Monday-Friday from 8am - 6pm, with formal programming concluding at 4:45pm. Please ensure your child is collected by 6pm by an authorized parent/guardian or a late fee will be imposed. A late fee of $10 applies after 6pm, with an additional $10 every 10 minutes. The late fees are not intended to be punitive, rather, they cover the cost of staff overtime.

The Summer Day Camp Program is coordinated and conducted by experienced staff. The Salvation Army adheres to a minimum staff ratio of 1:14 (one staff member for every 14 children), however during formal programming hours this ratio is 1:10.

The health and safety of every camper at Summer Day Camp is the highest priority of all staff. Small staff to camper ratios ensure children are well supervised at all times whether engaged in structured indoor activities or enjoying free exploration in our outdoor play spaces. Every effort is made to ensure there are no injuries during camp, however staff are trained to address minor cuts and falls if needed. A parent/guardian will be contacted in the event of a more serious injury or illness during camp hours. If your child contracts an illness before coming to camp, please ensure they have been cleared for contact with other children prior to attending.

Over the summer, activities will take place around the grounds of the Torrance Salvation Army, including our large hall, children’s room and outdoor futsol court and play area. Campers will also be taken off-site for special excursions at times throughout most weeks of the summer.

During the Day Camp program there are two scheduled snack times and one hour set aside for lunch. Snacks are provided for morning and afternoon recess and vary day to day. Examples of snacks are fruit and vegetables, popcorn, crackers, cheese, granola bars and baked goods. Occasionally children will participate in a cooking activity where they will prepare their own snack. If you would prefer to send your own snacks from home please notify staff on your child’s application form along with any food allergies.

A packed lunch is required for lunch on most days. At times excursions will have lunch included, in which case you will be notified during that week. Breakfast is not served at Day Camp.

Please contact the program director directly if your child requires any medication during camp hours to ensure we are able to accommodate their needs.

We strongly advise that all electronics, cell phones and unnecessary personal belongings stay at home to avoid loss or breakage. Electronics and cell phones will not be permitted during camp hours. If you need to contact your child, please call the office number with your message. All personal belongings (including shoes, hats and sweaters) should be clearly labelled with your child’s full name. Any toys or books they choose to bring for free play will be their own responsibility.

Please ensure that you or an authorized representative sign children in and out of the program each day. We ask that you escort them through the parking lot during these busy times of day. The staff member on duty may ask for photo ID at pick up to ensure your child is safely with a trusted adult. We thank you for your cooperation in this area.

During each themed week campers will be involved in at least two excursions or incursions. These are designed to complement the learning taking place during activities and to explore our beautiful city! All children attend excursions under the watchful supervision of staff members and travel by foot, mini van or school bus. Please note that while every effort is made to go on advertised excursions, if cancellation occurs out of our control a suitable alternative will be made. Full details and additional information will be outlined prior to each week of camp.

In order to ensure staffing and adequate supplies, we ask that you honor financial commitments by finalizing accounts no later than Monday of each week of attendance. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your child’s registration and placement on the waitlist.

Camp is not designed or equipped to handle ill children. If your camper becomes ill while at Camp, our staff will make your child comfortable in an area away from the other campers. Our staff will then contact you (the parent) or one of the individuals you have authorized to pick up your child. If immediate medical attention is needed or if the severity of an injury cannot be correctly established, parents will be notified immediately. The Emergency Medical System (911) will be activated at the discretion of Camp Coordinators and/or Camp Counselors. If staff are unable to reach parents whose child is in need of immediate medical attention, he/she will be transported to the nearest hospital via ambulance and staff will continue to attempt to contact parents. Parents/guardians will be responsible for all emergency medical care expenses.

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